Volunteer Opportunities

;THE SOPHIA COXE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION & EDUCATION CENTER (The Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that does not rely on State or Federal funding. Enjoy dressing up and becoming, if only for a day or two, part of the Coxe’s world; learn to give tours; do gardening; provide restoration work; assist with our Education Center or any  other items listed. There is a volunteer opportunity for anyone with a few hours to spend to assist in keeping our local history alive. We also has a volunteer program for students from 13 years of age and older. This a valuable asset on a resume for college or seeking a job. Our program also can be utilized for those senior year projects. Click here to Download the Volunteer Form

THE BENEFITS OF BEING A VOLUCoxeVolunteersNTEER: Our program is to encourage the involvement of people who share a passion for preserving our local history. It also provides an opportunity to meet new people. The experience will assist in building a resume as you can learn new skills like leadership, event planning, restoration and so much more. Listed on the inside are many areas in which a volunteer can become involved in. But most of all, the most important benefit is getting to know the community, helping to save our local history and just having fun.

Tour Guides: Provide tours in the main house, by giving history of the house and residents. (Tour guide manual will be provided, along with period costumes.)

Gift Shop: Always looking for help working the front desk, greeting visitors or assisting in presentation of merchandise.

Marketing or Fundraising: Assist our Board in these two vital areas.

Garden1Administrative Assistance: Help in the office with all the administrative tasks of running a Foundation & Education Center.

Gardening: Sophia loved flowers. The Hazleton Garden Club has assisted with the types of flowers appropriate for the time period. The grounds are always in need of weeding, pruning, etc., so there are many jobs for anyone interested in working outside.

Restoration: Assist in any repairs of the building(s) and in restoring structures that have been damaged or that once stood on the estate. Also assist in restoring the walking paths, benches, etSittingRoomc.

Adopt a Room:  Select one of the rooms and be responsible for keeping it neat & clean.

Servers: During events, serve refreshments to guests. Assist in the set up and clean up after the event. Costumes will be provided along with aprons & hats.

Foundation/Education Special Events: Assist in setting up and tearing down for these events. The Foundation will offer education classes throughout the year. Some of the classes will take place on the grounds, i.e., blacksmith classes and some will take place inside the Victorian House i.e, engraving classes, etc. Hence we will need volunteers to assist in setting up classrooms (tables, chairs, etc) and putting them away at the end of the class.

The Patchtown VolnteersPlayers: This re-enactment group researches, writes and performs  historic skits and plays. Our performances take place in the house, on the grounds and, in some instances, on other historic sites or schools. The group has many speaking and nonspeaking parts. Following is a sampling of our performances: Labor Disputes, Political Address at Labor Day Celebrations, An Afternoon with Distinguished Personalities like John Mitchell and Mother Jones; Anthracite Folklore, Victorian Weddings, Mine Disasters like the Avondale Mine Disaster; First Defenders of the Civil War, Portraits of Drifton, A Walk in Time, etc.

Presenters: Some of the subjects that have been presented in the past are: the Rise and Fall of Crinolines, the Secret Language of Fans, the Secret Language of Flowers, the First Irish Knight, Victorian Mourning, Victorian Jewelry, Victorian Weddings, The Rise & Fall of Prohibition, and much more.

School Presentations: As part of our education program, The Foundation works with local schools to present programs that bring to life our historischool eventcal past. These programs consists of skits or music, poems and narrative.
Miscellaneous: The Foundation is always looking for people who would like to share their special talents – readings, singing, cooking, etc. If you have ideas that you would like to put forth, you will find a willing ear to listen.

Click here to Download the Volunteer Form