High Tea Menu 

High Teas at the Sophia Coxe Foundation consist of either soup or salad, finger sandwiches, and dessert. The base price, including tea, coffee, and water is $18/pp. There is a $2 upcharge if both soup and salad are selected for your event. In the summer, sorbet is offered to cleanse the pallet.


Choice of one or two types

  Chicken Corn Chowder
Seafood Chowder
Italian Wedding Soup
Chicken & Rice


This is our signature salad with dressing; but, if you prefer another type of salad or dressing, we are open to suggestions.    

Spring Mix with Seasonal Fruit
(Strawberries, Blueberries, Dried Cranberries & Mandarin Oranges)


Finger Sandwiches:

We offer a variety, but not all unless specific items requested. If you would to see specific types on your table, please ask. 

 Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches
Veggie Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches
Egg Salad, Chicken, Tuna Salad Finger Sandwiches
Tomato and Cheddar Spread mayonnaise
Asparagus Tea Sandwiches
Chicken Breast w/ Cranberries
Smoked Turkey w/ Applies
Radish Tea Sandwiches
Tomato & Herbed Butter Tea Sandwiches
Ham Tea Sandwiches
Carrot Relish Tea Sandwiches




Assortment of homemade cookies & cakes.

Scones w/ Clotted cream
Cherry Pockets
Brownies w/ Cherries & Orange
Key Lime Bars
Yellow Cake Tidbits
Other Assorted Cookies & Cakes

Sherbet is offered to cleanse the palate.